09/24/2015 Rick Hansen Owner of Jack William Autobody Talks Custom Cars Painted for Rusted Development on Discovery

AlmondFordSegment 1: Dan discusses the updates for Google Maps that every business show be aware of. All of the updates are focused on mobile search and mobile results. How is your business showing up in Google Maps. Are you part of the new 3 pack layout? Do you have at least 10 reviews on your Google Business Page.

Segment 2: Rick Hansen discusses how he got started with Jack Williams Auto Body in El Cajon. How he moved up from the body man at the shop to owning the shop for the last 20 years.

Segment 3. Rick discusses what it is like to be the chosen car painter for the show Rusted Development on Discovery Channel.

Segment 4 We finish with the cars done for Rusted Development and how the cars were unveiled.


Dan discusses current trend and updates with Google Maps for Local Business.
Rick Hansen with Jack Williams Autobody
Rick Hansen talks about Rusted Development Season 1
Rick Hansen talks about Rusted Development Season 2