Smartphones. The newest phones with the Windows Mobile interface. Susan called in from Fairfield, CA to let people know about local e-waste collection;
Marc Cohen talks about maintenance programs that are built into your PC without extra cost. We gave away a new Palm Pro to one of our listeners. Congratulations, Valencia in Atlanta!;
Marsha Collier talks about the new Kindle and web news including new CBS shows on and more. We give away our second Palm Pro to Bob from San Diego, CA.;
Marc gives his Buy of the Week and continues with tips on how to take care of your computer. Marsha introduces Google’s new “Mail Goggles” which prevents emailing while drunk. Marsha discuses the new eBay changes.
Looking at Palm Smartphones and Tips for Dealing
Maintainance Tips for your PC
Looking at Kindle and Finding Good Video on the Web
Google Protects us from Ourselves