Do you remember that time you cleaned your garage? Or…your office? How about the last time you moved? Or straightened up the kids’ room? If you shuddered when thinking about those things, you’re in luck…you’re not alone. For the majority of people, the thought of cleaning something, organizing it, re-organizing it, or moving can be a daunting one. Fortunately though…there is help.


Enter Miss Organized aka Tracy Paye. As an expert organizer she is the light at the end of the tunnel for many families and businesses. More often than not, an individual, adult, teen or child will look at a clean-up effort or organizational task and barely put a dent in it. Collectively, we tend to attach the word lazy to those individuals. But according to Tracy Paye, it’s not laziness that keeps them from getting the job done, but a sense of feeling overwhelmed and getting lost. When it comes down to it, people often just do not know where to start.


“Nike says, ‘Just Do It’ and people follow that and dive in without really defining what ‘IT’ is”, says Tracy. With that in mind she has observed three very common challenges when it comes to organization. With her help and guidance she can help you learn to understand and address those challenges on your own so that you can begin the task of developing better organizational habits.


Take a peek into that box you have in the basement, the one with the high school gym uniform and the leprechaun hat. Why haven’t you thrown those out? What are you planning to do with them? Why are you allowing items like those to affect your ability to achieve your goal of organizing? Now, take a walk into your home office. What are you planning to do with that giant stack of papers? As strange as it may sound, these are common challenges. Remember, you’re not alone. When it comes to organizing, we all feel overwhelmed and lost at times. We have difficulty planning where to begin. We have difficulty deciding what to do. And, at the end of the day, we have difficulty understanding the emotional attachments we have to things. Or that we think we have to them.


Tracy Paye is here to help with a wealth of knowledge to share with us all about how to get organized…and more importantly…how to stay that way. She is not just a person who will come in and tell you where to put things and what to throw out. Tracy is able to combine her love of organizing and intuitive skill with an amazing ability to guide and educate people toward understanding why they do things and how they may be able to improve on traditionally bad organizational habits.


As the founder of Miss Organized, the author of ‘If Clutter Could Talk: The Stories It Would Tell’ and the host of The Miss Organized Show on wsRadio (, Tracy brings to the world a lifetime of organizational experience and stories of success. “People look at tasks and think automatically that they have to dive in and get it all done at once”, Tracy says, “when really, the key is to set smaller goals to get the larger one accomplished.” Tracy Paye is here to teach you how to set small goals and build momentum through those successes to achieve your larger goal.

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