Mother’s Day web gift ideas. Starting our series of websites with unusual items for sale. Photobook, coffee mugs and t-shirts at reasonable prices. Fun to use. Creative and quick turn-around!;
Season one of 24, Sex and the City gift sets. Get a free site on the web – check out Laptops for travel – Asus Linux with internet for under $400. As long as you can connect to the internet, you can always access your Google calendar, docs, spreadsheets etc.;
Mobile TV on cell phones 34% of respondants said wanted it but it seems that noboday watches it. 40% said their service sucked. Bob from florida want to put up a wikipedia page to promote a business. this can’t be done. It will be taken down by the wikipeida editors.
Marsha suggests putting a mrketing page up of and
Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Tech Aware
Free Web Hosting and Inexpensive Linux Laptops
Mobile TV on the Cell Phone - Not Ready for Prime Time?
Self Promotion: Wiki vs Facebook and MySpace