01 Worldwide economic downturn effects wine sales in Ireland. – Anne Kennedy; Anne Kennedy is the founder, proprietor, and Editor of GreatFood–Ireland’s largest and most popular food and wine website. Women purchase wine for home consumption while doing their weekly grocery shopping and paying more attention to bargains these days than ever before. Kennedy firmly believes in the power of sustainable communication via the nurturing ritual of food and wine shared at the home dinner table.http://greatfood.ie/; ‘

The Irish do not drink much beer these days. The young prefer cocktails in the company of others. Those who have settled down with jobs, family, and mortgages enjoy the comfort of wine, with meals, at home. Dare we say, “wine is a more civil drink?” Ireland is now about the marriage between old traditions with delicious new cuisine and opportunity. http://greatfood.ie/;

Worldwide economic downturn effects
The Irish celebrate St. Patrick's Day
National Women's Wine Competition
Blends the line between wine and technology
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