Big news for fans of the Computer & Technology Radio Show, is that next week the show returns to its traditional Saturday morning time slot;
9:00am to 11:00am PST. A few lucky callers this week will get Webroot’s Child Safe software, allowing parents to make sure their kids are safe on the internet. ;
GUEST: Phil McClendon, Product Manager – Palm; Talking about Palm’s newest smartphone, the Centro.;
FEATURE: Marc & Marsha’s Movie/DVD Picks OK, the Academy Awards are competing with this week’s Computer & Technology Radio Show, and here are Marc and Marsha’s picks – let’s see if the Academy agrees… ; ATURE: MARC’s AOL Instant Messenger (“IM”) Problem; FEATURE: Weirdest place Marc and Marsha have ever been IM’d?  FEATURE: Getting Started on eBay Short answer… Buy Marsha’s book, eBay for Dummies, Long Answer, Listen in!….. FEATURE: What’s New In GPS Devices – News from CES 2008;


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