Phil McClendon of Palm joined the show to talk about the options people have seeing that more states are invoking a new law requiring people to use head sets in their cars. The California law starts July 1. We discuss your various options. Tim Russert sadly passed this week, Marsha Collier spoke about the pop culture effect on eBay sales. Stating that when Yves Saint Laurent passed away sales of his vintage couture clothes double and the prices shot sky high. The same is happening with Tim Russert signed items. ;
Marc Cohen talks about the new console games coming soon out soon.Is monitor burn in still a problem? Is it still an issue? Marc gives you the answer.Failing to drain batteries – can it still cause the batteries to die sooner? Marc and Marsha discuss the various styles of batteries and their vulnerability.;
Moore’s Law, what is it? Are computers fast enough today? Dell Computers? IS their tech support good en

Palm Addresses Cell Phone Headset Laws
Game Releases and Maxamizing Battery Life
Are Computer's Fast Enough?
Managing Password and Norton Security
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