This week’s podcast focuses on marketing in the food industry. In particular, we focus on successes and challenges in the protein industry. Our guests this week are Ash Hannig of Iconic Protein and Kevin Weatherall of Detour Bar. Ash is the Field Marketing Manager for Iconic and Kevin is the Director of Marketing over at Detour Bar. While both companies sell protein products, we learn that there are different marketing challenges (and successful tactics) for each type of product.

The food marketing game is tough and full of obstacles. Ash and Kevin discuss some of the hurdles involved with both field marketing and digital marketing of food products today. With Amazon eating up a lot of the online food related sales, we touch on the best Amazon tactics as well as things to be avoided. Because taste marketing and events are so important in this space, we also focus a good portion of the conversation on tactics and successes that both companies have seen over the years and discuss some tactics that others can benefit from as well.

In the second half of the show, we focus on marketing tactics, like influencer marketing, that can be leveraged across all industries. A special thanks to Ash and Kevin for joining us in the studio!

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