About Phrantceena Thate Halres:

Given findings that a mere 4% of Fortune 1000 CEOs are women, decidedly few (let alone African American women) in the U.S. run a multi-million dollar, game-changing business—especially in the male dominated security industry. Relative to minorities, this whittles down significantly, and Phrantceena Halres is in this elite circle. As the award-winning founder, chairman and CEO of TPS Global Security (TPSG) and its multiple divisions, Halres has annihilated the proverbial glass ceiling, leading the nation’s first woman-owned business, and the only certified security services company at large, focused on nuclear security—services offered in tandem with protection for other high threat/close proximity critical infrastructure assets pivotal to national security in the energy, government and corporate sectors.

As a chief figurehead in the international security and safety space, Halres has set the standard in her industry and raised the bar exceptionally high for women entrepreneurs and executives at large, having produced a staggering $60 million-plus in top-line revenue within a multi-trillion dollar niche market throughout her tenure as CEO—all accomplished without a sales force, instead relying solely on her business relationship and networking prowess. Even amid her company’s global operations with international expansion into Jordan, Asia, London and other overseas security hotbeds currently underway with strategic global partners, Halres is single-handedly bringing oversight of domestic nuclear security where it belongs—America! As the nuclear security space is currently dominated by foreign business interests, Halres is working relentlessly to ensure the safety and security of citizens and assets, both domestically and abroad, is placed into the hands of appropriate American and strategic global partner companies. All combined, Halres’ company is positioned to reach staggering quadruple growth over the next two years—a feat nearly unheard of in the security industry or any other business, particularly in light of the global economic downturn in recent years.

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Phrantceena Halres is also the author of, “Our 6th Sense & Purpose: The Power in Knowing Who You Are

And, she is working on her next book, “National Security Begins with You”.


Ms. Halres also helps lead the Coach Tate Foundation, focused on helping Youth.