Marsha Collier tells about the Amazon Kindle and how she really loves the it. It features internet access on the sprint EVDO network, thousands of downloadable books for $9.99 and older books for $3.99.. listen for more. And Marc talks about the new Mimobot USB drive.;
Marc covers this week’s DVD releases.; Windows Vista administrator settings. MACs and new utility programs. ; Making a decision on a new gaming system: The XBOX, Wii or Playstation.;
Mike Glideman, Computer Information Officer of the National Basketball Association (NBA), talks about the uses of computers in broadcasting the game and future plans for computers in the NBA. ;
More on new DVDs with sports theme movies on DVD.Call in: Bob from San Diego tells about a discussion, on the Larry King show, regarding cell phone radiation. Marsha shares stories about famous tech flops, including The CueCat, The Audrey, IBM PC Jr, Di

Playing with New Tech - Amazon Kindle & the Mimobot
Computer Tweaks and Reviews of Gaming Systems
Computer Tech in the NBA and Spotlight on Sports DVD's
Health Concerns from Cell Phones
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