The Green Glass Co. in Western Wisconsin, produces show-stopping glassware from reclaimed wine and beer bottles transforming them into tumblers, goblets, and glassware and more. Provided that the quality is consistent, he’s always looking to partner with a winery or beer manufacturer or create a custom designed end-product for restaurants, wineries, etc. A set of four Walnut Tumbler Frosted made from beer bottles runs $32; Cobalt Tumbler Frosted is $44 per set of four; Mardi Gras Tumbler Frosted, made from reclaimed Creme de Menthe bottles is $40 for a set of four; the Evergreen Goblet Clear set of four runs $65.;
For Terry Brennan it’s all about light and composition when creating the setting for his stunning food and beverage photographs for magazine and cookbook clients. His downtown Minneapolis studio is on a south-east corner of the building so he’s able to work with natural

Green Glass Co. Produces Guilt-Free Glassware
Photographer Works with Sustainable Natural Light
Joins Atlas Peak As New Winemaker
Goldschmidt Vineyards is Multi-Continent Consultant
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