Jeremy Benson is Executive Director of founded “to ensure consumer choice in fine wine.” He explains how House Resolution 5034, also known as the Comprehensive Alcohol Regulatory Effectiveness (CARE) Act of 2010, is “an unprecedented special interest power grab that is a direct threat to legal, regulated winery-to-consumer shipping now working successfully in 37 states.” Listeners are urged to write to state Congressmen and women, Senators, and most important, members of the House Judiciary Committee, stating opposition to HR 5034. Learn how to easily and quickly personalize a letter on the link we provide.

 “The National Beer Wholesalers of America (NBWA) is asking you to weigh in on an intra-industry dispute to protect their monopoly distribution system. Their legislation is co

the Monopoly Power Grab
Dormant Commerce Clause
Consumers to Determine Which Wines to Enjoy
Consumers Sales so Important to Wineries
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