Consumer Electronics Show 09 reports. Discussing new products: Corvette USB mouse; Dell new pro luxury level, high performance products; the new Electronic Cigarette from Desonic, the Roomba and the Scooba. More products: The Looj; New Skype features and upgrades; Microsoft’s new WIndows 7. Home devices: Towelmatic, Touchless trashcan; Biometric door locks.;
More from CES: Schlage web enabled locks, Versus Scoreboard. Intel’s Small Things Challenge and Atom processor; Brain Fitness device; Ergonomic Contour Mouse;
CES wrap up: Call in from a listener on his way back from the show giving their highlights. Palm’s new Palm Pre phone;
MyVu Personal Media Viewer Solo; iHome audio products; Sony’s new home speakers; the Yoggie Security Device and solar powered radios.
Roomba, Scooba and Electronic Cigarettes!
The Looj, Skype and The Windows 7 Roll-Out
Web Enableed Locks and Intel's Small Things Challenge
Palm Pre Phone, iHome Audio and Solar Powered Radios