Roku and Netflix CEO, Anthony Woods talk about their new $99 device which will download movies from Netflix, at anytime. Once you “rent” the movie, it stays in your Netflix queue so you can watch it forever. ;
New DVD releases “Unbreakable” and “Hidalgo” GPS Reviews Marsha Talked about the Magellan Maestro 4250 which she’s been testing and really, really likes.;
Talked to Mark Franklin from Nintendo and we discussed the magic of Nintendo through the years. The New Nintendo Wii can not only play the newest of games, you can download the “classic” games for the current console. We spoke about the Wii Fit, the newest health oriented game for the Wii. It’s meant to supplement your fitness regime – not substitute. You input your outside excercise into the console to track your progress. The Nintendo handheld DS is the best selling game in history.; Marc did the Buy Of The Week about the Logitech Harmony remote from Comp US

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