For many, the road to success is a long and winding one. Early on in life we make decisions about our future that we are absolutely certain of, but more often than not, those decisions change after a series of life experiences. The beauty of life though, is that we do not have to experience those changes alone. When we partner with friends, family or experts in the area we inevitably gravitate toward, that long journey can become more comfortable and eventually…fruitful.


For those whose path leads them toward entrepreneurial endeavors, Deb Bixler is the expert to partner with. Following a 30 year career in the food service industry as a trained chef, Deb sought a change in her life. Her path led her to a direct sales party planning business. Deb was able to utilize her ability to communicate, teach and guide from her years as a motivational speaker to develop and quickly grow a successful business. By focusing on herself, her goals and her desires, Deb Bixler found a way to create a business that was hers and rooted in something that she loved.


And now she is available to entrepreneurs across the nation who wish to do the same.


Deb believes that success in business does not happen by accident. Success in your business endeavors is the result of proper planning and the proper use of best business practices. Deb also emphasizes to business owners of all levels the importance of treating your business like a business. She will encourage you to remain focused on it and to realize that to achieve success you will need to incorporate your time, your money and your emotions.


When Deb says, “Everything good takes effort”, she is reminding us all that nothing worthwhile comes easily. Those things that matter, those things that mean something to us personally and professionally, those things…take effort. As a multiple year recipient of the Direct Selling Live Power 50 awards and as the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance 2011 Speaker of The Year, Deb Bixler has proven that through effort, through hard work and commitment to the craft, it is possible to find success in your business.


We are all the sum total of our life experiences. What we learn from them sets the stage for our future achievements. And Deb Bixler now utilizes her experiences to provide others with the tools necessary for business success. As a corporate business consultant, personal party plan consultant and coach, team trainer and coach on social media management, Deb can offer you a wealth of knowledge based on her experiences to help you develop a successful business and achieve your goals.


To learn more about how you can achieve your business goals, join Deb on wsRadio ( and tune in to The Cash Flow Show – Direct Sales Radio ( Listen to Deb and her guests outline best business practices that will allow you the best opportunity to reach your maximum business potential.


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