Duff’s Doggzz owner Glenn Duffy (Hatch)

Carmel Mountain 

Reading Carmel Mountain Mgr Virgillio Gonzaga


Sheryl Alvarado Help U Sell Real Estate 


Hazard Center Digiplex Destination

OliFlix North America

100% Organic Artisan Olives & Olive Oil

OliFlix North America is now offering 100% organic artisan olives and olive oil from Spain. We are honored to present these award winning non-GMO, additive-and-preservative-free olives and olive oil to the health conscious and connoisseurs alike. In every bottle of OliFlix, you will experience the award-winning flavor and aroma from our 600 year-old olive trees in Catalonia, Spain.

 James Stewart and Arnel Lindgren

Jean Sacher  Right at Home Senior Care

Jean Sacher Business Development Right at Home

Schuyler Melby

 Business Solutions Unique Beyond You Unlimited Schuyler Melby


Segment 1 Radio Jack with Hatch of Duff's Doggzz & Virgillo of Cml Mtn Theater
Segment 2 Radio Jack with Cecil of Digiplex & Sheryl Avalrado & Energy Joe
Segment 3 Radio Jack with James Stewart & Arnel Lindgren
Segment 4 Radio Jack with Schuyler Melby & Jean Sacher