01 Sparkling Wine Every Day Creates a Celebration – Dave McIntyre

Dave McIntyre, Wine Columnist, “The Washington Post,” co-founder of Drink Local Wine, and blogger since 1999, share his insights on “Sparkling wine: decoding the labels” and sparkling wines from around the world!



02 Bouche Amused—”Checking Lists: A Critical Look at Restaurant Wine” – Alan Goldfarb

Alan Goldfarb, Wine Journalist, Media Relations Consultant, based out of San Francisco and Oakland, blogs for Tablehopper on how to navigate a wine list. He recently dined at Bouche bistro by Guillaume Issaverdens atop the Stockton Tunnel. Goldfarb is electrified by this pure Provençal expression of food, wine, and ambiance. The wine list is “all about appellations.” French is heard as much as English in this San Francisco Francophile little slice of heaven.


03 England Distilled… Iceland Chilled… Martin Miller’s Gin—the World’s First ‘Super Premium’ Gin – Martin Miller

Martin Miller’s Gin is the original super premium gin featuring a classic flavor profile with perfectly balanced notes of citrus and juniper. Martin Miller’s Gin is the only gin made from pure, live Icelandic Spring water. It is the most awarded gin on the market and the most expensive gin to produce — offering consumers the greatest overall value of any premium gin. With a global presence in more than 55 countries across all continents, Martin Miller’s is the biggest independent gin brand in the world.



04 Bring Craft Cocktails Home for the Holidays with Easy Entertaining Recipes from Martin Miller’s Gin and Bar-Chef Pioneer – Kathy Casey

Now a hallmark at leading mixology bars from coast to coast, the craft cocktail boom is in full swing leading into the holiday season. This winter Martin Miller’s Gin and celebrity chef and renowned mixologist, Kathy Casey, are offering easy recipes and tips to spice up your holiday party with easy, original craft cocktail recipes. From frothy concoctions flavored with a homemade cranberry ginger syrup to well balanced holiday Ruby Spiced Martinis, Kathy Casey’s five Martin Miller’s cocktails will enchant your guests all season long. Complete with simple tricks to pre-batch cocktails for large gatherings, these recipes for inspired fall and winter libations are sure to bring holiday magic to your palette this year!



Sparkling Wine Every Day Creates a Celebration
Bouche Amused
England Distilled
Bring Craft Cocktails Home for the Holidays with Easy Entertaining Recipes from Martin Miller's Gin and Bar-Chef Pioneer