25th anniversary of the Macintosh 1984 commercial. The Pope8217;s opinion on Facebook and My Space;
the New Vatican channel on YOu Tube channel. Speeding up your MAC with a new program; Buy of the week. Sony GpS. GPS and real time traffic. Blackberry apps store coming soon. Crackberry.com downloads and leaks. President Obama and his new Sectera Edge PDA/phone. MSNTv now uses wifi;
Guest Daniel Begun from Skype. Marsha Collier talks to him about how to use the service and new uses;
Daniel Begun from Skype continues exposing undocumented features and the new MAC beta
The Pope and Vatican on Facebook and Youtube!
Sony GPS, Blackberry, Crackberry.com
Skype at Your Service with Daniel Begun
The New MAC Beta Revealed with Skype's Daniel Begun