Writing with wit and verve, Wine Wars by Mike Veseth (a.k.a. the Wine Economist) tells the compelling story of the war between the market trends that are redrawing the world wine map and the terroirists who resist them. Wine itself and the wine business as a whole are at a critical crossroads today, transformed by three powerful forces or “flights.” Veseth begins with the first flight, globalization, which is shifting the center of the wine world as global wine markets provide enthusiasts with a rich but overwhelming array of choices. Veseth is the Robert G. Albertson Professor of Int’l Political Economy at the University of Puget Sound.
Mike Veseth is an oft-quoted authority on global wine markets and writes The Wine Economist, a leading wine industry blog. Veseth was awarded the Washington Professor of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching in 2010. Veseth has “grape expectations” that globalization, T

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