Kinja Dixon, Host of “Universal Talk Laws Radio

“I had no idea that the experience with would be so enlightening. I was very apprehensive at first because of my lack of clarity on the networking and growth opportunities involved, so I completely understand a possible new radio show host’s hesitation. After almost a year of doing shows I can clearly say that it was one of the best decisions that I could have made as an author, speaker and consultant. I would recommend it to anyone serious about making a worldly impact as an expert in your field.”


Drew Schlossberg, Host of “The U~T San Diego Community Spotlight Show

“wsRadio Internet Radio shows are a valuable part of our Online Presence and our Content Library. wsRadio provides professional service assuring us of the quality our brand requires. “The U-T Community Spotlight” show is highly regarded by our region’s key community and business leaders. The show provides a platform for the U-T to build stronger relationships with the region’s established community and business leaders, and also provides a vehicle for the U-T to engage with emerging community and business leaders and their organizations/businesses. “The U-T “Community Spotlight” show has also enabled U-T to grow revenue with key nonprofits.”


Christopher McAuliffe, Host of “The Coaching Show

wsRadio is one of the best moves I have ever made. By coming to….we have given ourselves a platform, we have reputation, an opportunity to expand our industry, expand our own creative approaches, an opportunity to talk to people and develop relationships…, to introduce ourselves to potential clients, potential partners …., a great move to provide content to people out in the world to get your name out there, to get your brand out there, but it is also an incredibly smart move, as an entrepreneur, as a business person. If I could only give you one piece of advice, get yourself a radio show……and see where it takes you.

Christopher McAuliffe, Host of “The Coaching Show“, explains the benefits he has received from being an Internet Radio Show Host for a Decade

Overall Value


Building Relationships


Building Brand and Fame


Working with Professionals


Creating Credibility and Trust


Lead and Enhance Your Industry