Michael Brill, President and CEO, founded Crushpad, San Francisco in 2004 to serve would-be winemakers across the virtual landscape who couldn’t up and quit their job and move to California. Amateur and virtual winemakers have been winning competitions from the Crushpad warehouse production facility in an untraditional urban setting that is about to embark on a more comprehensive vini/viti experience one-hour north, to an existing winery, in the Oak Knoll district called Silverado Trail Wine Studio in March, 2010. http://snipr.com/pr-crushpad-to-napa;
“While we have worked hard to provide as much access to the winemaking process as possible, our efforts to provide experiences outside of the winery have been limited. So many of you have expressed interest in getting more involved in areas such as the vineyard. Not only are we going to add classes on viticulture, we are also arranging sessions with

Crushpad-San Francisco Moves to Napa Valley
Crushpad-Napa Valley "Providing a more Complete
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Enjoying a view of the Golden Gate Bridge
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