SDSHRM President Nina E Woodard, co hosts with Wade Taylor
Segments1: Featuring Ryan Estis and Seth Mattison

The dynamic duo of Estis and Mattison discuss their business perspectives and the impacts of technology, demographics, and the economy on strategic planning for the future.

Segment 2: Featuring Ryan Estis and Seth Mattison

Our guests share Case Studies and Tips for Executive Leadership in looking at organizational structure and creating a more open and collaborative environment that would entice employees across the spectrum of age and other demographic circumstances to be engaged and supported. The organizational structure can no longer be a pyramid. Leaders no longer need to feel responsible to come up with all the answers. Involve the hearts and minds of all the employees in building the future.

Segment 3: Featuring Ryan Estis and Seth Mattison

Estis and Mattison offer insights and information about innovation as a corner stone for business strategy in the future. They discuss the need to stay nimble and open to all manner of possibilities.

Segment 4: Featuring Ryan Estis and Seth Mattison

In closing the dynamic duo emphasize their belief that this is a GREAT time for HR and Business to work in concert to create the collaborative framework that will support business continuity and sustainability as well as open the door to innovation. Though the environment is changing at a very fast pace, which could create an attitude of fear, those leaders and organizations that can embrace the changing environment as an opportunity and put the full intellect of their employees behind building the future will not just survive but thrive!!