01 M2M News and Updates: Xbox One Revealed and Smart Grid Attitudes
Peggy Smedley opens the show with news about Microsoft’s new gaming console, the Xbox One. The company is hyping it as the ultimate all-in-one home entertainment system. What exciting new possibilities does this create for the market?

02 M2M on the Golf Course
Nathan Wojtkiewicz, cofounder and chief operating officer at Swingbyte, joins Peggy to discuss his company, and ways Swingbyte can help listeners take strokes off their golf game. http://www.swingbyte.com

03 M2M Tracks Your Vitals
Peggy is joined by Alana Baxter, product manager at 4iiii Innovations, who goes into detail about how the company stands out in a market flooded with fitness devices. With so much competition, how does a brand stay relevant? http://www.4iiii.com

04 Talking Transportation
Peggy Smedley, editorial director, and Mike Carrozzo, chief editor of Connected World magazine, talk about ways M2M is changing the transportation industry. Bus travelers, airplane passengers, as well as everyday road commuters, all stand to benefit.