SD SHRM host Nina Woodard, 2013 President of SDSHRM

Guest is Ms. Andi Cale the Manager of E Commerce and Bookstore Operation for SHRM Global.

Segment 1 Introduction

M. Cale introduces her products indicating that the SHRM Bookstore offers GREAT products in for HR professionals at prices that are affordable! Ms. Cale joined SHRM 7 y ears ago and thought she came with great knowledge of books she has developed her admiration for and understanding of the value Human Resources added to the workplace over her tenure with SHRM. The goal of the bookstore is to provide learning opportunities for members at an affordable price.

The Book store is aligned with the SHRM family of businesses because they focus clearly on the products and services areas that are featured in the broader contents of the organizational learning products SHRM offers and provides continued and more in-depth individual opportunity to utilize, grow and learn through books and DVDs. They have adopted a single cart approach that will help the HR professional see all the opportunities aligned with their recent inquiries. For example if someone searches information on Diversity, the upcoming conference, the books and other on line offerings will all be noted for the inquiring professional.

In order to build products and keep the offering relevant, the bookstore has relationships with publishers and members and they seek recommendations about what to include in inventory on library shelves of the store. They accept all recommendations but utilize an expert panel to review the products before they are added to the store.

At conferences SHRM features many keynoters and authors so the books are available at the bookstore. On site they can be purchased and even signed by the author. Lisa Bodel was featured at the Strategy Conference in San Diego. The annual conference provides allows members to connect with many nationally known and recognized speakers and authors.

Segment 2

SHRM Book Products and Services

FMLA manager on line is one of the products in high demand. It covers all things required for managing FMLA and supports compliance. HR Compliance Basic is also in high demand and covers all that is needed regulations state by state and offers the user a comprehensive compliance option for all the locations in which they operate domestically. The store continues to add new products including bling, shirts and pens and other logoed gifts. It includes the FUN things in the I HR products that professionals and even the C Suite seem to enjoy to denote their recognition of the value of HR.

For Chapter Officers, the Leadership Conference provides an opportunity to buy gifts for the board and other volunteer leaders who deserve recognition. You can also get a promotion code from the book store that can be used like a gift certification by members.

The bookstore has launched a new opportunity for individuals to obtain recertification credits using books they read and have read. It involves taking a short test on line to verify an understanding of the material and a small cost. However, it makes it convenient for strategic, general and some global credits to be achieved as part of a reading and learning program and individual may undertake. If a professional has already read the book they can get the recertification credit and get a token to take the test. On the SHRM store website there is a category approved for credit and all the books that are eligible in the program are listed there.

If you purchase the book from the bookstore the purchaser doesn�t have any cost for the test as it is covered by the bookstore! But if you get it from the library or borrow it or buy it elsewhere, the reader can purchase the token and get the credit.

In order to have the bookstore live at a state or chapter conference it is preferred that the conference be 3 days in duration, featuring speakers who are also authors and that there is adequate pre notification. However, the Bookstore In a Box option offers even a chapter meetings the opportunity to feature books with a single copy of the 30 top books and the chapter can participate in the profit of the sales. Chapter volunteers takes the orders and the members get their books shipped to them free. The SHRM Store works with the local chapters to help them share in the profits of sales.

The Bookstore is always on the lookout for new ways to leverage their presence and reach as large a market as possible.

Segment 3

What is the future of the Bookstore?

When Ms. Cale joined SHRM they had over 5,000 books but today we have built a library to around 1500 books, DVD�s and tapes all focused on delivering added value to the professionals learning journey. The SHRM Bookstore has products and services available which are not available through other resources. Focused on strategic and forward thinking resources as well as the day to day tactical information the bookstore offers unique and specialized products for the HR Professional.

SHRM also publishes books every year. This is done to insure that they are able to be a leading force in what is important for HR and needed to help support the professionals on their career journey.

Ms. Cale identifies the �hottest� items in the book store as:

HR Compliance Basics

2600 Phrases for Performance Reviews

101 Tough Questions to Ask Employees

Got a Minute: Nine Lessons for HR professionals to successfully navigate their career

Emotional Intelligence 2.0

Auditing your HR Department

Power of Stay Interviews

FMLA on line

Harassment Training

The main thing that drives categories for inclusion in the Bookstore offerings is customer input. Some of the special focus areas are Women Leaders in HR and HR Leadership in Manufacturing. Ms. Cale indicates that she listens to trends and looks toward the future to try to provide information for members and customers ahead of the need.

Health Care, California and Workplace Flexibility are new areas of specific focus and additional resources in the bookstore.

Segment 4

In summary:

The Bookstore offers opportunities for purchase to both members and non-members.

Ms. Cale notes that SHRM has built relationships with Family and Work Institute to bring new and updated forward thinking materials and books for HR Professionals.

Two new areas of focus are Military Transitions into the Private Sector and Immigration. A new partnership with the Council for Global Immigration is providing forward thinking information for our globally focused members.

The Bookstore now offers all the SHRM published books in an e reader format and they are working to be able to offer all books for sale in the store available in e versions with that option by the end of the year.

Future of ecommerce and the bookstore is to continue to make it as easy as possible for members and visitors to navigate the site and make their selections for learning and enjoyment. They will continue to reach out to the members and visitors to build information and insights about products and services that are important to them. They are using SHRM Connect for book discussions so individuals� can find other readers and have discussions including information from the author. They will continue to use Facebook and twitter even more so that SHRM can continue to connect with the customers and members and be better prepared to help them be successful.

The Global section on the website provides global practitioners the opportunity to connect, learn and grow as well as offering the opportunity for some Global recertification credits. Their constant goal is to keep tabs on products and services of interest to the HR community to insure that they can map offerings to the practitioners needs. Visit and email Ms. Cale at She concluded our discussion by saying that there is value in being a part of the change and that SHRM and the Bookstore are continually looking at the information that is critical for an HR professionals success saying that �SHRM is there changing the world for the better.�