Marc Cohen and Marsha discuss free and inexpensive ways to maintain your PC computers.;
Updating your setup for ergonomics. New gossip from the web and the latest email and site hacking scandals, Marsha Collier tells you how to avoid getting hacked yourself.;
Linda Sherman, Community manager of a new social networking website for singles over 30, visits with Marc and Marsha. Marc talks about the new innovations in the game Rock Band;
Marc’s “Buy of The week” is from Amazon. Marsha talks about Amazon Prime membership where you get free shipping. They also discuss the business costs behind shipping, since eBay is putting a limit on prices that sellers will be able to charge for shipping in some categories. New DVD releases this week. New lower power Bluetooth devices.
Free Maintainance Tips for Your Computer
Tips to Protect Your Body with Ergonomics
Social Networking with
New DVD's, Tech and 'Buy of the Week'