Talking about where you’ll find Marsha Collier twittering during the week and during the show. Twitter is THE social networking site..”for all the cool kids” (OK, kids is a pajorative term).;
Rosita Toloulee from Konami talks about the history of the company, their first game was Frogger which still sells well. They were the first in the music genre of gamees with Guitar Freaks. Since Konami owns fitness studios, they are now coming out with fitness oriented games;
Marc gives his DVD reviews. Talks about the TV show, “Mannix” seacon one availability. For kids, check out “Corey in the House”.;
Marc talks about WiFi and the 10 failed technologies that we wish had succeeded, from Maximum PC magazine. Also, a caller asks about Frys and “Buy of the Week”.Marc discusses optimizing Wi-Fi Connections.
Twitter, Twittering and Frogger and Friends
DVD Reviews - Catching up on Old Series
WiFi and Tech Dreams that Didn't Come True
Optimizing Wi-Fi Connections