Rachel Dumas Rey, founder and President of Compli, Inc., is extremely comfortable with state and federal compliance paperwork. Since 1997, Compli has been a leader in managing licensing for new businesses, and providing day-to-day compliance services including license renewals, brand registrations, shipment reporting, sales and excise tax payments, and new licenses. Lynne Carmichael, Founding Partner, Attorney with San Francisco based Hinman & Carmichael is exclusively devoted to providing legal services for the alcoholic beverage and hospitality industries. http://www.compli-beverage.com;
DirectShipLicense, based on the eCompli software platform, allows any winery to complete direct shipper license applications, required certificates, forms and tax permits with a credit card. Not only do wineries have to contend with 33 state-by-state compliance laws but even county-by-county within individual states

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Kim Crawford Wines of New Zealand
Fulcrum Wines committed to balance in CA
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