New FREE video conferencing website that works with your webcam and microphone.;
Interview with  , CEO, Philippe Schwartz to explain the details and extended uses for home and for businesses.;
Marc and Marsha do a shootout between Amazon MP3 doenloads and iTunes – which is better? Various frauds and viruses on the internet. Warning about a virus on Facebook, and tools from Facebook on how to diffuse it. We talk about the Nigerian fraud, online shopping email and spam.; Get HD TV and TIVO on your pc free without a cable box by using Liquid TV. Interview with Richard Carriere of Nero.;
Marsha Collier talks about a small, inexpensive product for converting VHS to DVD or vinyl records to MP3 files and more. NFL broadcasts Football in 3d! Marc Cohen tells a story about Sony customer service. Marsha talks about the new MiBook and Marc talks

Free Video Conferencing. Join in the Fun!
Testing MP3 Download Speeds and Playing Safe on Facebook
TV on Your PC, Free from Liquid TV
NFL in 3D! and Opening Up the MiBook
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