When you spend a lifetime working in the vineyard, as Jim Collins has, you learn that the quality of the wine begins with the land it comes from. As the man in charge of Frei Brothers Reserve’s vineyards, Jim is a passionate steward whose reverence for the land has always been a part of his personal values. At Frei Brothers Reserve Jim leads a team of farmers and works hand-in-hand with winemakers dedicated to sustainable farming and winemaking to realize the exceptional quality and authentic flavors of the wine. Frei Brothers Reserve wines express the best of Sonoma County’s most famous AVAs, including Russian River Valley, Alexander Valley and Dry Creek Valley. Jim Collins is Chief Viticulturist for Frei Brothers Reserve vineyards and wines.
“Decades ago, E. & J. Gallo Winery co-founder Julio Gallo introduced an innovative approach to land conservation known as the “50/50 Give Back” plan. For every acre of land planted in vineyard, Julio Gal

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