Wine and Dine Radio launches a new partnership with Radio. Veteran internet radio wine host, lynn krielow chamberlain introduces Rob Barnett, CEO & Founder,, ‘A Social Organization For Wine Enthusiasts.” Barnett, a 20+ year former techy, talks about ground-breaking new ways for wine lovers to connect and share, on land and electronically.;
Host, lynn krielow chamberlain and Rob Barnett, CEO & Founder,, talk about a the many collaborative interactive tools available online at VinVillage, including Blogs, Maps, Events, the new interactive wine Wicki and online forums.; And Host, lynn krielow chamberlain talks to Chuck Samuelson, San Diego based Chef, Caterer, Restaurant Consultant, San Diego Village Leader about what it takes to be a Village Leader…. strong enthusiasm, people skills, organizational skills, networking skil where wine lovers connect
Meet, Greet, Taste, Share at
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