My guest for the full hour on “The Enrichment Hour” for Thursday, March 10th is Life Coach DIANE ALTOMARE, author of “CLARITY: Ten Proven Strategies to Transform Your Life.”

In CLARITY, Diane Altomare shows you how to live life from the inside out, make peace with the past and identify the necessary steps to take so you can create what you truly want and need.

Topics include:

· How positive affirmations can actually contribute to your failure, not your success

· Why people snap for no reason, the real cause of “road rage” and confrontations with strangers

· Why success can make you feel depressed

· The key to being more efficient and it’s not time management

· The number-one reason you continue to have the same fight and how to end it once and for all

· How to make peace with your own emotions

· Why addressing issues without your partner present is the best way to save your relationship

· How an everyday conversation with your friend over coffee can change your destiny

· How an imaginary circle and piece of chalk (The Full Proof Circle Technique) can help you create more harmony, love and respect in your relationship

Diane Altomare’s message: “You don’t have to wait for everything to be just right and you don’t have to control anything outside of yourself in order to feel satisfied.”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Diane Altomare is an integrative life coach and keynote speaker at lectures and events around the country. Diane received her certification as a Master Level Coach from the Ford Institute of Integrative Coaching, founded by Debbie Ford. She divides her time between Southern California and Seattle. Her website at or her Facebook page at for more information.