Rowan Gormley, Founder, Naked Wines, tells us that all wine sold at retail carries a dead-weight of approximately 30 – 40 percent. Dead- weight you might ask? According to Gormley’s CPA lingo…. it basically boils down to profit to the producer; negative-value to the consumer. Naturally, in bad economic consumer confidence, Gormley and 17 “deranged” friends, started Naked Wines in December of 2008 (that’s 17 bloody months ago) with the idea to commission stunning, value-added wine for shareholders, now hovering at 20,000. The current portfolio is so un-American (to-date); All that dry ros233; and bubbly. Wish you were in the US.

Naked Wines “doesn’t just buy wines… (they) make them happen.” Demographics of Naked Wines clients fit the 2.0 user profile but not the average wine consumer in the US: 30 years old when folks are beginning to think

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