Chicago Wine School Founder Loves Numbers: “The Vineyard Handbook: Appellations, Maps & Statistics” – Patrick W. Fegan

Patrick W. Fegan, Director and Educator, Chicago Wine School, an independent educational organization providing information about wines and spirits. The staff at Chicago Wine School is available for private lectures, business seminars, tastings, etc. to groups or individuals. Fegan introduces us to the second edition of “The Vineyard Handbook: Appellations, Maps & Statistics.”


My Wine School is Back, Milwaukee and Online, in 2013 Jessica Bell. In 2000, Jessica Bell graduated from Duke University with a degree in Economics and Spanish and went on to work for Goldman Sachs in New York City. After three years in New York, she decided to give the other half of her degree some use, and moved to Spain. She found work at a winery and found her true calling. Jessica Bell, owner of My Wine School, was awarded a US government contract in 2012 to consult on economic initiatives in The Republic of Georgia, namely wine tourism and wine education. The program sent Bell to Georgia twice in 2012. She has created a “scrapbook”, comprised of her visits and research, including news articles, personal blogs, pictures and even the courses she developed for the Georgian trade, so you too can get to know this amazing country, its people and wines! Join her on The Great Spanish Wine Adventure tour October 2014.


Wine Lovers Can Now Enjoy Wine Without Pulling the Cork With Coravin – Greg Lambrecht

Greg Lambrecht is Founder and Inventor of the Coravin System where you are free to pour and enjoy your favorite wines by the glass, without the pressure to commit to the whole bottle. The Coravin System was officially launched, July 2013, for wine consumers and wine businesses. Whether you want to enjoy one class from a bottle, authenticate it, study the wine for professional exams, to take stock of its cellar age, to judge for purchasing, or to pair with food and friends, liberate your finest without pulling the cork.

Banish Your Collector Anxiety, How is The Coravin System Different? – Greg Lambrecht
The Coravin System leaves the cork in the bottle. Wine flows out but oxygen never gets in, eliminating the problem of oxidation. It’s easy to use and allows you to access multiple bottles at a time. Try creating a dinner party menu specially paired with wines from a favorite region, or hosting a blind wine tasting at your house with friends. Explore regions and varietals you haven’t tried before. Sample different vintages, experiment with food and wine pairings, and expand your palate by comparing and contrasting. With the Coravin System you can sip, share and enjoy your fine wines without committing to the whole bottle or wasting a drop.

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Enjoy Wine Without Pulling the Cork
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