Kelli Mettler, of Mettler Vineyards, joins us as Chairwoman of the 1st ever Lodi Wine Camp, Saturday, September 25th and 9th Annual Taste of Lodi, Sunday, September 26th. Over 40 Lodi wineries and 20 local restaurants will showcase their finest. One of the more unique events at this year’s Taste of Lodi includes a Wine Ice Cream Contest. Guests help judge their favorite flavor for the Official Wine Ice Cream of the event. The wine ice cream creations will be made fresh daily from the local Velvet Grill & Creamery.” Website: Taste of Lodi;
Americans love wine but most have yet to discover the historic, complex and surprising wine from Spain called Sherry. Did you know that Sherry comes in a variety of flavors and styles from very dry to sweet, pale to dark? Or that Sherry is perhaps the world?s most versatile wine when it comes to pairing with food? Did you know that Sherry can be mixed into delicious, trendy cocktails? Sherry is not the wine y

Entries in Contest at 9th Annual Taste of Lodi
Your Mood and Personality to a Sherry Style
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Wine Production Nationally
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