Chuck Blethen penned the Wine Etiquette Guide while living in Scottsdale, Arizona, while successfully growing a French-American hybrid wine-grape on the desert valley floor, not far from Mayo Clinic. He now lives in Marshall, North Carolina, northwest of Asheville, at 2,100 hundred feet, and has done extensive research on the wild Muscadine grape vines growing in Madison County. They said it couldn’t be done but I am told that there were several wineries growing Muscadine in the hills, prior to Prohibition. Blethen, Executive Director, the Southern Appalachian Viticulture Institute, will be a featured speaker at the upcoming Organic Growers School in Asheville, March 6-7th. They expect 1,600 people to attend from around the world. Blethen’s topic will be growing grapes in Western NC and what he has learned about Wild Mountain Muscadines.;
Jeff Price, Gentleman, North Carolina Chapter of the

Southern Appalachian Viticulture Institute
North Carolina Wine & Grape Council Facilitates
A responsibility to promote the Vinifera wineries
Friendship Inn's Seventh Annual
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