Linda Jones, Director, of the Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council wants us to know that Michigan state is among the top ten wine producers and wine-grape growers in the US with Agriculture being the number two source of economic development. Located at the 45th parallel, Michigan is home to four federally approved American Viticulture Appellations and currently 64 wineries producing wine from predominately Michigan-grown wine-grapes. Riesling is the number one planted white vinifera and Pinot Noir is the number one red vinifera. Cabernet Franc is generating national buzz in west-coast competitions yet Welches sources a large percentage of Concord for red grape juice and Niagara for white within the state.;
According to Linda Jones, Director, Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council, the current release of 2007 Michigan red wines are extremely good. With four wineries over

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