Gary Vaynerchuk found his calling and fortune in the US but he was born and raised in Belarus. He learned his thunderous work-ethic from his father who operated a liquor store in New Jersey. Vaynerchuk is a freight train of passion for life, sports, and the family business which he, along with his father, steered in a new direction, specializing in wine. Now, the Wine Library wine store is one of the largest online wine retailers, due in large part to Wine Library TV where Gary encourages his audience to ‘try everything at every price’ and don’t take his wine rating seriously.;
 Gary Vaynerchuk may be over-the-top but he knows it. Before we started recording I asked him, ‘How are you today?, his reply….. a beaming “I AM EXCELLENT!” That pretty much sums up Vaynerchuk’s attitude about life. This man, who some day hopes to own the New York Jets yet speaks of ‘snuggly’ and ‘sniffy-sn

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