Joel Stein is desperate for attention. He grew up in Edison, N.J., went to Stanford and then worked for Martha Stewart for a year. After a year of fact-checking at Readers Digest Books and TV Guide, he got hired as a sports editor at Time Out New York, where they paid him to write sentences. Two years later he lucked into a job as a staff writer for Time magazine, where over seven and a half years he wrote a dozen cover stories. After teaching a class in humor writing at Princeton, he moved to L.A. at the beginning of 2005 to write a column for the Los Angeles Times and work as a sitcom writer. In addition to working for the failed show Crumbs, he has already had two failed pilots at ABC and hopes to expand into failed pilots at other networks.” Website: Joel Stein;
Foursight is a small, family owned and operated winery in Ande

Time Magazine, LA Times, on Wine
Semillon, Gewurztraminer and Sauvignon
Wine Location Specialist Program Open
Educational Campaign & Advocacy Org.
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