One of the most prominent wine marketers in the U.S., John Gillespie’s career spans more than 30 years, and is highlighted by his leadership of Wine Market Council and his direction for more than a decade of the council’s ongoing programs of consumer research, advertising, and public relations. At Wine Colleagues, he directs the Consumer Research and Marketing practice. He is also the director of strategic operations of Wine Opinions, a consumer research provider to the wine industry. Gillespie is CEO & Founder of Wine Opinions and a founding partner of Wine Colleagues.
Wine Opinions is the research arm of Wine Colleagues, and is the only research company which maintains a proprietary consumer panel of core wine drinkers. Through ongoing consumer and wine trade surveys, tracking studies, and other research initiatives, Wine Opinions offers unparalleled insight on wine consumer and trade attitudes, preferences, tastes, and trends. Resear

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